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Submitting Events

Before submitting an event, please read the answers to common questions below. By submitting any event, you agree to abide by our Terms & Conditions - please make sure that you have read the relevant sections.

If you have already registered with us, click here to submit a new event. If you don't have an account yet, sign up now (it's free!).

What kind of events can I submit?

Events for Christians is an events site which is primarily aimed at single or unattached Christians. If your event is aimed mainly at other groups, ie couples and families, or has no particular interest or relevance for single Christians, then please do not submit it, and if you do, it is unlikely that it wiill be approved.

Events for Christians has been created by Christian Connection which is a dating site, so many of the people who look at this site are mainly single and will assume that the event is designed for them. In some cases there might be a party which also encourages couples to attend, but single Christians need to be the main focus for the event or some specific part of the event should have a programme for single Christians. For example, it might be a festival that includes a programme for single people.

In general, we will only accept social events for single Christians - not big events, promotions, major worship events/conferences or large concerts. You'll see a list of common event types on the submission form.

Example events to submit

  • Parties
  • Holidays
  • Dance nights
  • Days out
  • Comedy events

Examples of what we don't post

  • Big general, very commercialised events
  • General worship, ministry or prayer conferences
  • Private parties held at private homes
  • Concerts
  • Events competing/clashing with a CC event
  • Things that don't appear to be designed for single Christians
  • Events where we are not satisfied about the appropriate level or organisation

Make sure that this is the right place for you to be submitting an event

Full members of Christian Connection may wish to submit certain types of events as 'meetups' for other Christian Connection members.

These are volunteer-led events for members of Christian Connection - click here to create a meetup.

Will my event appear on the site straight away?

Your event needs to be approved by an administrator before it'll appear on the site. We may also need to set up some additional details, particularly if you've specified a limit to the number of places available or indicated special pricing.

Approval normally takes up to two working days, but at busy periods it may be longer - so make sure you submit your event in plenty of time. You can edit your event submission at any time until it is approved - if you want edit your event once it's live, see below.

If your event is approved, it will go up on the site and be visible to other users. You are responsible for the accuracy of the event information and any queries may be forwarded directly onto you.

You can find out the approval state of any event by visiting the event list in your account area.

Can I edit my event once it's live?

Yes - you can edit your event at any time. However, any changes to your event will require approval so the event will be removed from the site and placed into the approval queue again.

What if my event is rejected?

We reserve the right to reject any user-submitted event for any reason. We have no obligation to tell you why your event was rejected, but in most cases we will provide you with information about the rejection which can be viewed by clicking on your event in the event list.

Sometimes your event might be rejected simply because you have not provided enough information. If so, we will tell you via the event listing in your account and you will be able to re-submit it with the requested information.

When you re-submit a rejected event, it will enter the approval queue again. If your event is rejected twice or more, we may choose to permanently remove it. In this case, do not re-submit your event. If you consistently re-submit rejected events we may suspend your account.

Can I only submit my own events?

You are welcome to submit events run by other people or organisations, but you must have their permission beforehand. Events submitted without permission may be removed from the site.

If you are submitting a large or national event and we cannot verify the accuracy of the information submitted, we may request further details. Please use the 'notes' field in the submission form to provide us with any extra information you think that we may need to accept your event.

Will Events for Christians handle my bookings?

In certain cases, we can allow participants to book online by credit card for events run by other organisations. We do not handle telephone bookings or support on behalf of other organisations. If you want to use our online booking facility, please note that there is a charge of 10% of the booking fee for each booking. If you are interested in discussing this facility, please get in touch with us at

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