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Frequently Asked Questions
About Speed Dating

Why do it?

  • First and foremost it gives you the opportunity to meet lots of new people in one night. Most of us have busy lives and have limited opportunities to meet people. Our events are just like going to any other Christian social event but no-one has to make the first move and you get to meet every person of the opposite sex.
  • Although we don't think that you can tell if someone is 'the one' in just four minutes we do think that you can tell if they are not. This means you've spent only four minutes on someone you don't hit it off with but have lots of opportunities to meet people who you might have a future with.
  • It's a great way to expand your social network. So, you don't meet the person of your dreams. You'll enjoy learning new things about people and you could make some great new friends - they'll then have other friends you might meet……
  • It's a really fun night out!

Can I watch a video of speed dating?

  • Of course you can - why else would we put this question in the FAQs? Watch our video below:

Who will I meet there?

  • Our events attract Christians who want to meet other Christians to either expand their social group or to meet someone who they could potentially date.

How many dates will I have and how long do they last?

  • You will date around fifteen people (any more and you'll be exhausted!) and each mini-date will last four minutes.

How do you determine the age range for each event and what if I don't fall into that range?

  • The age range for each event is set in response to the age of the people registering interest on the site. We will not refuse attendance if you do not fall within the suggested age range but we will give preference to people who do. If you have any concerns just contact us.

Is four minutes long enough?

  • We do not believe that four minutes is long enough to determine if someone is 'the one' but it is long enough to find out if you have nothing in common. It gives you the opportunity to meet lots of people in one night and not spend too much time with people who you do not wish to contact again.

Why do I need to book in advance?

  • You need to book in advance so that we can ensure that we have an equal number of men and women.

Do many people come on their own?

  • About two thirds of the men and one third of the women come on their own. Our friendly hosts will greet you on arrival.

What are the requirements?

  • You must be single, Christian, over 18 years of age and have an email address.

How do I know where an event is being held?

  • Everyone who books for an event will receive a confirmation email a few days before the event is to take place. This will provide all of the necessary details regarding the venue (map included). We currently hold most of our Speed Dating events at venues conveniently located in Central London, although we try to run similar events around the country on a regular basis.

Can I bring a friend?

  • Yes, of course. The more the merrier!

When will I be charged?

  • You will be charged when you book for an event.

Can I cancel?

  • Events for Christians does not normally give refunds. We will always try to move you to a different Speed Dating event.

How long does an event last?

  • Each event lasts around two and a half hours - usually finishing around 10pm.

How will I know if I have had any matches?

  • You will receive an email within 48 hours telling you with whom you have had a match. This email will contain your match's email address - the rest is up to you!

What should I wear?

  • Many people will come straight from work so business clothes are fine. Remember, though, that you are there to make a great first impression so wear something that you feel good in!

What do I do if I'm running late?

  • If you are running late then please call the number provided in your confirmation email to let us know when you will be joining us.

What do people talk about?

  • We suggest that you keep the conversation light and friendly - it should be a fun experience. However, you are there to see if you 'click' with someone so talk about some of the things which you have an interest in.


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