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Christian Connection at Greenbelt
Our first year as an Associate

This year we became a Greenbelt Associate, working with them to put together a programme of events together for single festival goers.

Singleness: A Challenge for Church and Community

David Pullinger presented to a full house the results of the Christian Connection singleness survey and the challenges it posed for society and the church.

David described in detail how the single population is growing in society but how poorly represented and recognised single people are in Church life and how challenging it could for a single Christian in Church. He inspired us on what could be achieved if churches started to take the issues more positively.

A Guide to Online Dating

Jackie Elton and David Pullinger talked about how Christians can make online dating really work. Using data and anecdotes from the Christian Connection research to establish what you should do to give yourself the best chance of meeting someone online.

Social Drinks at the Jesus Arms

People flocked to this one. Simple idea, Jesus Arms Pub on a Saturday. Take a red straw. Get chatting. No speed dating. No lock and key. Worked a treat.

Meeting for Sunday Service

The Sunday service is a key point where all the Greenbelters get together to worship. But it can be hard if you are by yourself. So we organised for people on their own to meet as a group. We weren’t sure if anybody would come. But they definitely did!

And Finally...

One of the loveliest moments at Greenbelt or other festivals, is when total strangers come up to us and share their story. How they met at a CC Party or online and sometimes it’s a happy couple and often we meet again year after year and get updates.

So in summary, we hope it made a difference – both in providing a programme for single Christians but also putting singleness on the wider agenda of the Church.

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