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Speed Dating at Greenbelt
Saturday 25th August 2007

Christian Connection ran a fifth successive year of Speed dating at Greenbelt over the August bank holiday at Cheltenham Race Course. Queues for registration stretched out into the sunshine with a sense of enthusiasm and expectation.

By the evening about 300 people were milling around the "Blake" talks tent, (what would the writer of Songs of Innocence have thought about it all?). But through all the endless logistical challenges, the inevitable nerves and tensions, (from both participants and organisers), somehow it all happens, and there is much good humour and enjoyment. The Beeb turned up to film for the programme "Heaven and Earth" presented by Rev Joanna Jepson.

Watch videoWatch a short extract of the Heaven and Earth Show which includes speed dating

The sound of 150 conversations happening at once, repeated about 15 times, adding up to well over 2000 conversations is a sight to behold, but we shoo away the curious "smug marrieds" trying to peek in. And we hear from Charlie, who is still surprised at how he met his wife Clare while speed dating at Greenbelt. We had heard some great stories from 2006 including one from Steve and Georgina who are getting married in this autumn.

Non-speed dating event on Friday night

This year Christian Connection also ran a social evening at Greenbelt for people who prefer to meet the opposite sex without having to speed date and generally want to get to know a few more people. We were a little anxious as to whether anybody might turn up or not, but they did and it was a very pleasant and chilled evening which drew much appreciation and encouraged us to think how Christian Connection can do more with single people at Greenbelt.

Speed Dating at Greenbelt 2007 Speed Dating at Greenbelt 2007
Speed Dating at Greenbelt 2007 Speed Dating at Greenbelt 2007